Wisdom comes from within and cannot be taught, and the person that is

wise does not say they are wise. One who is wise detaches, steps back,

observes, and knows when to go forward without the ego of


+ God could not have survived without being able to laugh at himself!
+ The difficulty is that you humans do not enjoy the thought that you

can be part of each other.

Your commitment, if it is true commitment, will bring the song of the

universe within you. It will cause you to walk in a light of love and

to walk in lightness.
+ You are not special, though in truth you are.

global Ecstasy for this season

December 24th, 2006 + 3:12 AM  ·  lordprocyonlotor


aim thinking  not sure confuse  but surely in love with  you  may  just

imagine or delusion  life aliened  strange  sycronis 
be   iam be  may  my love for you  always  be   on a blessing  day

your lord procyonlotor
Happy trip   in the dream land

land of the  Free
welcome in the  desert of nothing
so now   you can understand  Wat is a druid a wizard   and a god
animatrix   unplug  distastache  your  self from  the Maya world

No-nonsense and to the point, you make it clear to any potential

suitors that what they see is what they get. Of course, when what they

see is the glory that is you, how can they resist? Honesty pays off.
next year??!?!? >: it is wath it is>Date: Wed, -0500>>>next year is

the year of the demo....we need to get the word out.....or >die.....as

the sheeple quiver in fear in their tinted windows suv's behind >sun

glasses , labels and support the troops and god bless amerika decals>
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